Friday, July 4, 2008

Coming Of Age

At night when you cry
Making sure you're quiet
So you don't have to tell anyone why
Think of me
When you're walking down the street
Phone in one hand, mp3 in the other
'cause you wouldn't know where to put your hands
When your eyes stare blankly ahead
Burning as your peers come into view
Remember I've been there
I made it
And you will too


You looked
An awful lot like me
But I couldn't ask you
I could only
Hit you
The world became
I was outside myself
Millions of blades beneath my skin threatened to knock me over
Not quite killing me, as, that was my job
And closing my eyes, coming into you
Did not help, but only elevated the feeling.
That is when I called upon someone
I did not believe in

But of course that wouldn't work
This was punishment for what I'd done
Though every pull was like candy
Every breath I drew in to make sure
It really got up to my brain
And when I held the Roach
Pulling in more for each deadly sin

You just watched
Because as inexperienced as i was
I insisted I could handle it

Through the doom I felt
I was dying
And my tongue
Not moving fast enough
I tried
High as I was
To Justify
Unjustifiable things
Because that's what you do

You Stuck with me
Till the doom drifted off
Till it started feeling good
And yeah
I'd do it again