Friday, October 5, 2007


Dying slowly from this pain. In my back, is a knife.
As I'm laying in a room watching the light fade.
Knowing all I ever did was love those in my life.
Yet they did nothing but leave me betrayed.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


Jay-Z booming through my ear buds
[A rather sick obsession]

Small fingers blistering around a rusted chain

Juice the color crimson trickling down a smooth tan surface
[My only vice]

Little legs pumping back and forth, moving quick
[Getting nowhere fast on a pendulum]

Cute face eerily showing no expression
[Hypnotized without a doubt]

No lust for life and always empty inside

Brown eyes never fixed on anything for too long
[They've seen too much already]

Always going in a circle. Same mistakes
[I never learn]

Flushed when I notice
[The sizzle of a new flame]

My heart sure mended pretty quickly
[Or was it even broken?]

Heart booms. Head throbs when I come to the realization
[Reality Check]

Must cover up the very thing that will someday bring up questions
[Quick before you see it and run the other way]