Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Don't Go

Helplessly screamed out for the reasons of such
Begging that it wasn't time

But she couldn't hear the cries through the noise of the crimson

And the sharpness of the pitch black room mocked her
while she held out a small light
to focus on the task at hand

The sound of the Earth spinning on its axis
becomes amplified
She finally hears and recognizes the voice
'NO!' is her own soul

But by then
The light is out

Monday, August 4, 2008


It should come as no surprise
I never said forever
And you made no promises

It was short lived, so I guess I'm

But then again
Isn't that was girls do?

We were both nervous, despite the
we had in sharing personal information
But I went in with hopes that I finally got it right
And you went in with caution, so as not to repeat past outcomes
It was a risk for both of us

Those days are gone;
feeling giddy
The random public smiles at the thought of you
Did you ever get those?

This situation wasn't so black and white
I attempt to accept the terms.
And I don't bother speaking to you
That would be pointless, since I know what your response will be

And as far as your lack of something to say
I hear you loud and clear