Friday, May 23, 2008

Was it a dream?

I guess i never gave myself time to grieve
'cause when it happened it happened so unexpectedly
It wasn't real it couldn't be
so I had to laugh it off
there was no way this wasn't all just a dream
cause I remember clear as day
the way you took my breathe away
and just like that you were gone this wasn't part of the plan
silly me believing it meant something when you squeezed my hand
you gave me more than butterflies you gave me full attacks
my mind was gone, my heart was yours and my body rejected love
but i didn't care I needed to be a part of
you and your world, and your story
and mostly i needed for you to need me
i knew that no one could make you happy
the way I could
and I hope she knows shes lucky
cause now I'm a mess
so shocked not one tear
seems like i don't care
but if you only knew
what it feels like to have the wind knocked out of you....