Sunday, September 19, 2010

Thin Vs. Curvy

Someone posted this:

Why I like being fat and ugly
Skinny, beautiful people just exist, they don’t really try hard and theyre usually dead bland because alot of things are just given to them. They don’t have to develop a personality because theyre given friends automatically because of the way they look. Like I’m glad because I developed a sense of humour and I definitely wouldn’t be the person I am today because I kind of like myself and I know my friends like me for my personality and not just because I’m good looking.”

And I have to disagree with that.

I use to be skinny and I wasn’t dead or bland. I did a lot of things. I wrote poetry, I recited at a poetry slam, I did graphic design, created a website, got published in a magazine. Everything I got was because I had to work hard for it. I did not have ANYTHING just handed over to me. I had a lot of personality, and was just as quirky then as I am now. I laughed a lot. I had fun. I had a lot of things to say. I certainly was not automatically given friends because of the way I looked. I actually had few friends, just about two or three close ones. I was very ambitious with a lot of goals and always working on one project or another, always writing down new ideas.

Yeah, I was a size zero, and no my ribs were not showing, nor was my spinal cord (I actually have a curve to my back) I had a shape despite being thin. I’m pretty irritated when people say that ‘Real women have curves’ The truth is, some girls like me are just naturally skinny. I hated my skinny arms, and had and extremely difficult time gaining weight despite how much I ate (all the time - I love food). It’s wonderful to feel good about yourself, but you don’t have to put down skinny women in the process.

There are girls out there who are just naturally thin, and don’t try to be that way. Are they not beautiful too? What about the sporty girl that doesn’t have much curves, the late bloomers? Are they not real women? Of course they are. Instead of convincing the world that real women have curves, or skinny is better, why don’t you find what looks best on YOU. Some girls look better and are healthier thin, some are better and healthier with curves. It’s all a personal choice, and as long as you love yourself and are confident, and aren’t stressing yourself, or trying really hard to look one way or the other, that is what’s important.

I was a beautiful girl when I was thin, and I am just as beautiful now with a more average weight.

Celebrate ALL the sizes. There are many different kinds of beauty. But they are all BEAUTIFUL.